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This is Stp "Saitenspiel", number 186, but far beter known as the battery "Todt".
At first called Bt "Siegfried", after the nickname of the installed coastal guns. They are of the same type as the main armament on the German battleships "Bismarck","Tirpitz" and a planned class "O". They were however, specially changed by Krupp for use in several A-Wall coastal batteries.

The construction of the casemates started in August 1940. The casemates were from origine designed with a massive hood. The roof and walls are made in 3.5 m reinforced concrete.
Turm I is a museum, Turm II in the forest, is closed up, Turm III was heavily damaged by an incident in August 1945.

Atlantikwall                                            Battery Todt                                                             Information
Modelbunkers on scale!
Nice for on your desk or bookcase.

For your collection or a nice gift!

They are small, nice for on your desk.
Create your own diorama with the bunkers
The model is made off Crystacast extra hard plaster.

Weight: 170 gram
Length : 8 cm
Width   : 5 cm
Height  : 4,5 cm
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