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The casemat was constructed from 600 m concrete and four tons of steel. The walls and ceilings were two meters thick and could withstand Allied bombardments. To counter the subside of the casemat with a near hit, a heavy concrete base underneath the casemat was constructed. On top of the casemats were hooks to support the netting of the camouflage. Each casemat had a fast firing 155 mm Tbts.K.C/36 ships cannon. The guns could reach a distance of 20 kilometers.

Atlantikwall                                            Regelbau M272                                                          Informatie
Modelbunkers on scale!
Nice for on your desk or bookcase.

For your collection or a nice gift!

They are small, nice for on your desk.
Create your own diorama with the bunkers
The model is made off Crystacast extra hard plaster.

Weight: 450 gram
Length : 10,5 cm
Width   : 8 cm
Height  : 4 cm