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Leitstant M262, the directionfinder casemat

Threehundered meters in front of the casemats is the directionfinder casemat (Leitstand Type M262) situated, that controlled the fire for the battery. To conceal the directionfinder, the casemat was placed in a large dug out hole in the cliff. The lower front room was the observation post that looked for enemy targets. When located, the targets were passed on to the telemetric post on the top floor. Protected under a roof of 70 cm concrete (supported by four steel legs) the men of the telemetric gave the coordinates to the battery's in the back. This Leitstand was also used during the filming of 'The Longest Day' when in a dramatic scene Major Werner Pluskat is confronted with the enormous Allied fleet (the real location can be found near Ste Honorine des Pertes, but was during the filming unreachable, and still is). A walk towards the directionfinder of Batterie de Longues is certainly a must when you visit the battery.
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