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Atlantikwall                                             German Helmet m35                                                      Information

The Stahlhelm was completely redesigned in the 1930s. The size of the flared visor and skirt was reduced, and the large projecting lugs for the obsolete armour shield were eliminated. The ventilator holes were retained, however, but were set in smaller fittings mounted to the M35 shell. The edges of the shell were rolled over, creating a smooth edge along the helmet. Finally, a completely new leather suspension, or liner, was incorporated that greatly improved the helmet's safety, adjustability, and comfort for each wearer. With these improvements, the new M35 helmet became lighter, more compact, and more comfortable to wear than the First World War-era designs.

The M35 design was slightly modified in 1940 to simplify its construction. The principal change was to stamp the ventilator hole mounts onto the shell, rather than utilize separate fittings that had to be added to the shell. In other respects, the M40 helmet was identical to the M35
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Weight: 225 gram
Length : 6,5 cm
Width   : 5 cm
Height  : 4 cm